Lending Products

Regardless of your lending needs, Cincinnatus is here to help you decide exactly which loan is right for you. Whether it’s a residential mortgage for purchase or refinance, home equity loans, lines of credit, consumer loans, or other financing, our experienced Cincinnatus Lending professionals can help give you great rates and options. You won’t find us talking you into a loan type that’s not a proper fit. That’s because at Cincinnatus we want to help you with your first home purchase as well as all of your other lending needs in the future.


Conventional Loans

Buying a home and finding the correct financing can be complicated. We know every consumer’s loan situation and needs are different. Let us help you decide:

  • Residential/Owner Occupied
  • Investment/Non-Owner Occupied
  • Rehab Loans
  • 15-year, 30-year fixed

Home Construction Loan

Build Your Dream House

Most everyone has a dream home that they would like to build. Cincinnatus can help finance that home and you can build your dreams into reality. With financing complete, its time for you to concentrate on designing and decorating your new dream home.

  • Cincinnatus can bundle the end financing, creating one permanent mortgage, without the hassle of having multiple mortgages.
  • You can concentrate on designing and decorating your dream home!

Home Equity Line of Credit

Leverage your Home’s Equity

Carefully using the equity in your home can often be the best financial move you can make in today’s financing market.

  • Home Improvements
  • Gives you the cash you need at a reasonable rate with flexibility
  • With a Home Equity Line of Credit, there is no need to apply for a loan every time you have the need for cash

* Rates and terms subject to change without notice. * Variable interest rate based on the Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal

Consumer Financing

Big Help with Big Items

Cincinnatus consumer loans are a great way to finance a car, boat, motorcycle and RV to name a few. Consumer loans are usually very quick to approve so your cash is ready when you need it.

Auto Financing

Smart and Affordable

Cincinnatus has attractive rates for both new and used vehicles. Our car loans have fixed rates, no quarterly or yearly interest rate adjustments to worry about. We offer loan terms up to 5 years for newer vehicles. Interest rates and terms are determined by the model year, and condition of the car. Contact us for terms and rates. Cincinnatus also has programs available to finance your boat, motorcycle, ATV, and other types of equipment. Contact us for the current rates and terms on these types of loans. For more information call us at (513) 661-6903.

Lending Products

Smart and Affordable

Call or visit with a Cincinnatus loan professional today for more information regarding all of our lending products. You will find we have nearly every kind of loan for every purpose and are reasonably priced to meet your needs. At Cincinnatus, we strive to make your financing a smart financial move as well as an affordable one. Just remember these four words when you think of Cincinnatus: