Online Banking

Access your Cincinnatus accounts online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. What you need to get started: Your 10-digit account number, and your Social Security Number. Simply click the “Log In” button below and follow the instructions to sign up for online banking. You will be asked some questions to verify your identity If you need help enrolling call us at (513) 661-6903.

Below are some of the most popular services offered by online banking:

Free Bill-Pay:

  • Schedule and Pay any Bill anytime
  • Safer, cheaper, easier and more dependable than mail

Checking & Savings Services:

  • Current Account Balances
  • Available Balance
  • Deposit and Withdrawal History
  • Check Images


  • Schedule Automatic Transfers between accounts
  • Transfer from checking to another checking
  • Transfer from checking to savings
  • Transfer from savings to another savings
  • Transfer from savings to checking
  • Transfer to or from Line of Credit

Lending Services:

  • Make your monthly loan payment from another Cincinnatus account
  • Payment Amount due
  • Current Interest Rate
  • Current Principal Balance
  • Previous & current year to date interest
  • Escrow Payment

Internet Banker offers all the above services and more. Try it anytime day or night to get the information you need quickly. Internet Banker is meant to supplement our current customer service offerings, as always Cincinnatus encourages you to stop in one of our offices, or call us during business hours. If you have additional questions about Online Banking, or any other product call us at (513) 661-6903, or email us at