Online Banking Security Update

Effective May 22, 2024

At Cincinnatus, protecting your personal banking information is something we take very seriously. In order to make your online banking more secure, we are adding a multifactor authentication component to your internet banking login.  This additional feature will make it even more difficult for hackers to access your accounts.

What’s Changing:

To make online banking access more secure, the system will now generate a passcode via text or phone call instead of asking questions based on your public record information.

How will the change happen:

Once the system goes live on Wednesday, May 22, 2024, our customers will be prompted to enter contact numbers on their next login. “Home” number is required as the primary number for calls, and “Mobile” number for text codes. (Note: the same number CAN be used for both!)

What to expect after adding phone numbers:

On your first login AFTER adding your phone numbers, you will be prompted to enter a code that will be sent to the number you input on your next login.  After initial login, the system will only prompt for a code IF it detects something different about subsequent logins (different device, different IP address, etc…)

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, our staff is ready to assist you at 513.661.6903.